Did you know that you may be able to get some of the cost reimbursed through your health insurance company? On average, my clients find that this is the case from the DOOR program (fourth or fifth session).

During the intuitive eating ‘START’ sessions we investigate, among other things, which (diet)rules influence you in your choices and how you notice and respond to body-signals.

Do you have another specific question that you run into? The conversations are very personal and what is discussed depends on the issues you are struggling with at this current day.

The start program consists of 3 conversations each of a wooping 60min per session. And of course you will work on your own between the sessions, with tips, worksheets etc. that have come up during the session. 

We use an online video conversation platform for the sessions. So it doesn’t matter from where you call, as long as you are in a comfortable place. Say your sofa at home, in the park during your work break or on holiday somewhere at the other side of the world!

1 intake session 60 min
2 coaching sessions 60min
online video
tailored to your personal needs


Janine@Centrum voor Intuïtief Eten
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"Een sprong in het diepe, maar precies wat ik nodig had. Fases waarin de veranderingen groot waren, afgewisseld met fases waar ik het gevoel had 'niets' te zijn opgeschoten. Gelukkig wist Diede elke sessie weer naar boven te halen wat er wél was veranderd, waardoor ik weer kon voelen hoeveel progressie ik maakte. Het is heerlijk om zoveel minder onrust te voelen rondom eten!"
Daphne@Centrum voor Intuïtief Eten
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"Beste keuze van de afgelopen maanden."
Anna@Centrum vor Intuïtief Eten
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"Ik ben waanzinnig, enorm en ongelofelijk enthousiast over het Intuïtief Eten principe. Ik krijg eindelijk bevestigd wat ik al jaren lang vagelijk voelde maar waarvan me steeds werd verteld dat ik wegliep voor het probleem: je hoeft geen strijd tegen eten te voeren, je mag je lichaam accepteren zoals het is, anderen mogen/kunnen geen macht hebben over jou of jouw lichaam. Het voelt net alsof de berg waarvan ik altijd het gevoel had dat ik er ooit nog overheen moest (of van andere het gevoel kreeg dat ik erover heen moest) opeens in het niets is opgelost."

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Voedingsadvies Nijmegen

You have only just started after the three conversations of the START package. And let’s face it, who can play the guitar, surf or operate after three lessons?

Intuitive Eating is a process. Our days are not the same. Every day we gain new experiences and there are new moments to learn and develop.

During the sessions in the ‘NEXT’ package, we will pick up where you left off during the ‘START’ package.

These conversations are also completely tailored to your needs.

3 coaching sessions
45-60 minutes per session
per online video
sequel to the START package

€ 337,50

After 6 sessions with a lot of insights and experience, you have taken the first big steps on your intuitive eating path. You have the confidence that you are on the right track, are more aware of your body-signs and your needs. Maybe you want to further delve into certain IE principles or would like to evaluate where you stand after a while.

These ‘MORE’ sessions have been developed for this. These conversations are also arranged according to what you need at that moment. The sessions are valid for one year after purchase and can be used whenever you need them.

2 coaching sessions
45-60 minutes per session
per online video
sequel to the NEXT package
for deepening, evaluation and refreshment



Leefstijl coaching Nijmegen