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Have you ever started dieting in hopes of losing some pounds, but just now notice more frustration and weight gain? I understand the struggle, especially with those tempting snacks everywhere, eating a small portion of which just doesn’t seem to work – been there!

It’s time to take back control, find inner peace and enjoy life without worrying about what you should or shouldn’t eat. 😊

Start right away?

We all grew up with rules around food, such as emptying your plate and how many cookies is “normal”. Often these types of eating rules create feelings of guilt and shame, which in turn can lead to binge eating.

Download my workbook for free and discover your personal eating rules in less than 10min. Take your first step to leave these restrictions behind today!

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You’re definitely not the only one who struggles with diets that seem to fail long-term. In fact, those quick fixes and trendy diets often focus on short-term successes, primarily on weight loss.

No one gets happy because of these restrictive eating habits and that continuous sense of failure. Yet that is often the bitter reality of diets.
In fact, diets not only bring emotional stress, but also offer little room for flexibility, cause the frustrating yo-yo effect and also have a negative impact on your metabolism.

You wan’t to do it differently?

STOP Dieting

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START Living

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Dive into the world of 1-on-1 intuitive eating coaching and take the first step toward a healthy, sustainable lifestyle!

In our personalised 1-1 coaching sessions, based on the 10 principles of intuitive eating, we break that annoying cycle of dieting. No more restrictive meal plans. We work on building a positive relationship with food and your body. By discovering how to consciously respond to body-signals such as hunger and satiety and learn to make choices that are in line with what your body really needs.

No more strict rules, time for empowerment and real change.

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